Entrepreneurs work much harder in London than in Scotland

london_entrepreneurLondon entrepreneurs work the most hours a week while those in Scotland work the least, while UK entrepreneurs across the country are working an average of 52 hours a week; 63% longer than the average salaried Briton.

The survey of 2,000 UK entrepreneurs, commissioned by Penelope, a call handling solution for small businesses, found that entrepreneurs in London were found to be working the longest week at 61 hours compared to those in Scotland who were working an average of 46. Continue reading

Six easy steps to set up a business – Part One

Many years ago I came back to the UK after a long time on the road to a Thatcherite revolution where the markets had been unleashed and poor little wannabe Commies such as I were yesterday’s news.

It was a nightmare. Mammon ruled OK and the country’s assets were being sold off to investors. What was even worse were that previous friends of mine who couldn’t hold a decent conversation three years before were now running their own businesses. Continue reading