Nokia doesn't just beat a tattoo… it also wants you to call one

I have been on holiday for a week in the north of Tenerife with my wife and little boy. I’ve been swimming in the pool, playing tennis, driving in search of an English newspaper and enjoying peace before the inevitable return to the world of stress and anger.

Such early summers feel dream-like at times so when I saw a nib* in The Times this evening it was hard to know whether the newspaper was in my dream or whether my dream was in the newspaper. It wasn’t a case of you couldn’t make it up, more a case of something that I thought that I’d made up. Continue reading

Six easy steps to set up a UK business – Part Six

So, this six-step guide to setting up your own business has come to an end and I hope it’s proved useful to those of you thinking of jumping into the entrepreneurial breach.

The feedback to date has been extremely positive and it seems there are a large number of people out there who have been deterred from setting up by themselves by the perceived lack of information out there. Thanks to all of you for your kind words. Continue reading

Sometimes losing a mobile phone can be a very good thing

My love of the mobile phone has extended to the bathroom. Like most married men, I love to sit in there for a while with a newspaper but at other times I’m likely to be tapping my touchscreen rather than turning over pages.

The mobile phone is ubiquitous. We sleep with them, we keep them close and I’m sure most of you have taken them to the toilet as well. But I’m noting a change in my device dependence and a move towards living without them. Continue reading

Smartphone killed the video camera star

Earlier this week I did something I haven’t done for around three years and for the salacious among you I am talking about cameras and not anything else, you filthy-minded creatures.

Yes, I used a camera. Not an old Olympus SR or a wonderful Leica, but just a bog-standard digital camera as we lit the cake for my son’s birthday party. How weird not to use a mobile, or to call it by its 2011 name, a smartphone. Continue reading