Sometimes losing a mobile phone can be a very good thing

My love of the mobile phone has extended to the bathroom. Like most married men, I love to sit in there for a while with a newspaper but at other times I’m likely to be tapping my touchscreen rather than turning over pages.

The mobile phone is ubiquitous. We sleep with them, we keep them close and I’m sure most of you have taken them to the toilet as well. But I’m noting a change in my device dependence and a move towards living without them. Continue reading

American Idol gave it life, but the mobile web has killed the US text messaging star

I don’t know about you, but I don’t text as much as I used to. In fact, the list of contacts on my mobile is becoming less important than the chosen people I DM on Twitter.

It’s a cultural movement I wasn’t expecting as I used to text like a demon. Maybe I don’t have any real friends any more, maybe I’m a digital refugee who can only operate in a binary universe, maybe I should stay in more. Continue reading