Will Vine become THE social network of 2014?

* This is a guest blog from Oliver West, Digital Director of design agency Arkitex

vineIf we compiled a list of all the available social networks it would stretch from our desk to the moon, OK, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but there are lots of them on the web, 99% of which you will never have heard of before.

There are obviously a collection of the more popular ones that you will be familiar with, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram. New networks are popping up all the time trying to compete with the big players and ultimately most of them fail to gain the necessary traction to enter the game for one reason or another. Continue reading

GallopsLive bets on first horse racing social network

Social_Network_Horse GallopsLive.com, a new social media network for horse racing lovers, has been launched for horse racing lovers.

People how sign up to the service can connect through an online community that will allow them to enjoy live horse racing events throughout Britain and Ireland. This community includes fans, tipsters, personalities, blogs, as well as real-time betting and behind the scenes video footage.

GallopsLive website was built on a cloud-based technology infrastructure with ‘responsive design’ meaning that it automatically sizes to any device from a 50-inch internet TV to a smartphone. Continue reading