Swype, not Skype, is the fastest way to communicate on mobile

swypeAccording to the Guinness Book of Records, the fastest time to send a message on a touchscreen mobile is by using Swype; a keyboard that be inputed by swiping across it.

Still unavailable on Apple and iOS (interesting), Swype can now be downloaded on Google Play and comes with features that react to a user’s Android input patterns as well as the user only needing one time to ‘train’ the keyboard.

It can also crowdsource and update the user’s dictionary with new trending phrases as well as being activated by voice recognition. In many respects it’s like treating a keyboard as pet, in the same way as a Tamagotchi, but that’s no bad thing.

Mmmm, bearing in mind how long it’s taken my to update this WordPress post, perhaps it could also be released as a plug-in. That would be interesting…

Spending too much time in front of a screen?… go to a Cat Cafe in Tokyo

It’s February, the weather is sh*t, the media bombards us with stories about certain days being the most depressing of the year and mobiles, laptops, iPads, cinemas and TVs drag us into their screens of otherworldliness.

The evenings are long, there are no spontaneous outdoor activities and if it wasn’t for sex we’d all go bonkers. At some stage we crack, leave our devices at home and head for the hills for a good walk or fly to a beach to wean us from these awful habits that ruin our eyes and bathe us in blue screen. Continue reading