Brandwatch launches world’s first ‘social command center’

brandwatch_command_centerSocial media monitoring company Brandwatch has launched its first new product for six years, Brandwatch Vizia, a reinvention of the traditional social media ‘command center’.

Powered by the company’s social media analytics platform, Vizia provides multi-screen visual displays of real-time social media data and means customizable displays can be broadcast on any screen, including smartphones and tablets. Continue reading

Perhaps PeerPerks Palestinian premieres pack perfect punch

The alliterative headline to this piece was one I submitted for my latest article on TechCrunch and was somewhat prosaically replaced with ‘The limits of social influence? Big Ben is influential on… drugs’.

Still you can’t win them all and while the piece was all about the so-called measurement of influence through social networks, it underlines how people perceive the use of words, and how the words themselves influence people. Continue reading