FIVE GOLD… GIFTS #2 – EnerPlex Packr

EnerPlex_PackrNew to the UK this winter, after huge success in the US, the EnerPlex Packr is a ‘solar-integrated’ backpack that allows travellers and trekkers to charge up their smartphone when away from conventional charging stations.

In good sunlight, its three-watt solar panel can power up most smartphones in less than five hours and can charge almost any portable USB enabled device. Moreover, the backpack looks cool and will inevitably be a subject of discussion on the trek to Annapurna or at a hipster’s inter-city meeting point.

The Packr is available in orange, green and black with a SRP of £79.99, a reasonable price and one that middle-class parents may see as a secondary present, but extended family members may see as a primary one.

FIVE GOLD… GIFTS #1 Madonna by Caroline Sullivan

madonnaThis is the first in a series of five recommended gifts for Christmas, as might be alluded to by the highly intelligent pun in the headline.

This book, retailing at £25, is a story of Madonna’s career on the 30th anniversary of her Like A Virgin album* and is told in pictures, which should give you an idea of the market it is targeted at; that of the coffee table decoration.

While Madonna’s recent pictures for a magazine show a 50-year-old woman in full ‘mammorial’ splendour, this is a book for people (women) who see Madonna as an icon and inspiring figure.

Documented by New York music journalist Caroline Sullivan, this is the type of gift men should buy for their partners, but one that is unlikely to interest them too much… it’s not that TYPE of book. Good value at twenty-five quid though.

* A collection of songs, usually recorded around the same time that alluded to the record album cover that included the songs, fused onto a round piece of plastic known as a vinyl record