Led by 4G, mobile data revenues will be $42 billion by 2018

mobile_dataA new report says operator revenues from mobile data roaming will be $42 billion by 2018, representing 47% of global mobile roaming revenue and up from an estimated 36% in 2013.

According to a white paper from Juniper Research, these revenues will be driven by increasing data usage, as operator migration and marketing towards 4G will offer faster broadband networks and reductions in roaming charges will spur heavier usage. Continue reading

Annual In-app advertising market will be worth $17 billion in 2018

in_appIn-app mobile adspend will reach $16.9 billion by 2018, up from $3.5 billion last year, and will be driven by data and interactive rich media advertising.

The report, conducted by Juniper Research says that it will be tablet users. Currently the smartphone market accounts for 70% of current adspend, a stake that will dip to 50% in 2018, on the same level as tablets.

While app downloads will increase exponentially to 2018, the majority of in-app advertising expenditure is likely to be spent on advertising with social mobile giants such as Facebook and Twitter.