Cloud-based marketing grows up with Kaboodle launch

After more than two years of development, Kaboodle, a cloud-based marketing collaboration platform launches today.

According to the company, marketers can ‘plan, track, communicate, collaborate, share and manage campaigns from initial concept to completion’. As we all like a one-stop-shop, this looks interesting and you can find out for yourself; the product is currently available to trial for free at Continue reading

Little Grey Cells #10… We are being brandwashed too easily

* Martin Lindstrom is the author of revelatory best-sellers Buyology: How everything we beleive about what we buy is wrong and Brandwashed: Tricks companies use to manipulate our minds and persuade us to buy

Brandwashed is an exposé on the workings of big brand marketeers, as someone who works as a respected consultant within the industry, what made you decide to write the book?

Today the consumers are the owner of brands – not the companies and it is essential for companies to ‘clean up their house’ and prepare themselves for a world where the consumer sooner rather than later will hear about what’s going on behind the scenes – good as well as bad. Continue reading