US company acquires African startup Saya

Robert-LampteyOne of the smartest people I’ve met as I’ve built up my African network over the past two years is the charismatic and smart Robert Lamptey.

As CEO and founder of Ghana-based mobile messaging company Saya Mobile, Robert has been an inspiration for many Ghanaians, and Africans for that matter. He is a better coder than anybody who has attempted MIT’s coding challenges and he has built up an excellent company in the last three years.

So it is of great pleasure to announce (somewhat belatedly, been on holiday), Saya’s acquisition by New Jersey company Kirusa, which has acquired the technology, IP and workforce of Saya that will now be working on Kirusa’s mobile applications. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Continue reading

The Top 20 African tech blogs and websites

African_tech_blogsAs Africa continues its inexorable rise from the Dark Continent to the Rising Continent, it is sometimes difficult to see through all the data and to know who to follow and read.

This list of 20 wonderful sites reporting on African innovation, technology, entrepreneurship should serve as a guide as where to find information. This will be a movable feast and updated every month to show how quickly things change in Africa.

So here are the Top 20 African tech blogs… Continue reading