The 1992 vision of Mondo 2000 was right and wrong, but also true

Mondo 2000I picked up my copy of Mondo 2000 – User’s guide to a new edge (Thames and Hudson 1992) the other day. What an optimistic and anarchic place the soon-to-be digital world was then, and indeed for the next few years.

Fax machines were vogue, mobile phones were still big and barely anyone was using text messaging. But in Mondo 2000, under article headlines such as cyberpunk, virtual reality, wetware, designer aphrodisiacs, artificial life, techno-erotic paganism the future was being mapped out – and its predictions were wilder than your wildest dreams with genuinely mind-expanding possibilities. Continue reading

Public sector, private sector = non-digital, digital

It’s been an interesting week and it’s going to be more interesting, but I would suggest that I’m not alone when I say that I couldn’t give a shit about anything until Christmas is over.

Sod the credit crunch, damn the strikes and bollocks to the revolution, just let me open my Advent Calendar in peace, but that’s not going to happen until screens are turned down on the morning of December 23rd. Continue reading