More sh*t (Sherlock?) means more wi-fi in Mexico City parks

This morning around dawn I took my dog for a walk. Great time of the day, head full of ideas, feet full of dew… and a sturdy plastic bag to pick up her pooh.

At no time during this walk did I think how her pooh could be used to increase wi-fi access… at NO time.

However, in ten Mexico City parks, it IS being used to boost bandwidth courtesy of a new scheme from web provider Terra.

The company has connected litter bins to digitally metered scales so that every time aforesaid pooh is deposited so more free wi-fi minutes are granted to people at the parks.

Whoever is the creative behind this idea is a genius. She or he should be hired by the greatest agency in the land. Gags fail me, puns escape me but next time I take my dog for a walk I’m going to think just a little bit harder.