Dementica Brittanica… Written on Brexit last July.

I originally wrote this in July for The Memo, which published a watered-down version. After recent events, I thought I’d publish it in its original form here. It’s quite angry and contains swearwords, although I use wanker when I really mean cunt.


In World War II, the Nazi propaganda machine wanted the world to know that the British were starving and running out of food. They used the term Dementica Brittanica to describe this so-called state of being.

Some would say that leaving the EU was a similarly demented act and as we live through this important summer, it’s easy to think of The Reprieve, Jean-Paul Sartre’s second book in his Parisian trilogy leading up to and during World War II. Continue reading

Hey, CTOs… how about speaking plain English?

CTO_EnglishDuring my years in agency-land I’ve met and worked with a number of CTOs as an agency and as a client). Most have bored the shit out of me, they weren’t actually boring, they simply spoke Geek (Greek would’ve been easier).

But when I was at Wunderman London I met Gregory Roekens, CTO at AMV BBDO. He changed my view on what an inspiring, engaging asset a plain-speaking CTO can be to an agency and how if they speak in ‘our’ language it makes life waaaaay less boring. Continue reading

MEF announces shortlist of the world’s best mobile companies

mef_shortlistThe MEF Finalists and host have been announced for 10th Annual Meffys Celebration – the global awards for mobile content and commerce.

There were entries from more than 25 countries across 13 categories as the international awards ceremony moves to San Francisco for the first time as part of the inaugural MEF Global Forum 2013. Continue reading

Dropifi is first African company to join #500Strong Accelerator Program

dropifi Ghanaian startup Dropifi has become the first African company to join the 500 Startups Accelerator Program in Silicon Valley.

Founded in 2011 and graduates of the impressive Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST), the company will spend three months at 500 Start Ups head office in Mountain View and an extra month taking part in the program’s Demo Days and final investor meetings. Continue reading

Support the Shoreditch Village Hall Kickstarter campaign

shoreditch_village_hallThere is a long history in Shoreditch and Hackney of empty buildings being occupied by squatters and this tradition appears to be alive and well in digital 2013.

Squatter, rather like the word blogger, sounds like a pernicious term. But over the past 30 years in this part of London vacant buildings have been transformed by these enlightened, rather than benighted, people. Continue reading