Guys, girls don’t want you to send those types of pictures

ku-xlargeOf the many things that social media has changed when it comes to social interaction between the sexes is the manner in which a woman discovers what a man is ‘packing’

For thousands of years, the level of a man’s sexual prowess remained a mystery until that special moment when he and the object of his affection decided to become intimate with each other. Continue reading

Slavery for robots is like South Carolina in 1740

slaveryIn 1865 a constitutional amendment was passed, freeing all human slaves in all the US and its territories. However, as the 21st century progresses, slavery of a new kind has emerged.

The subject of its bondage: robots aka our personal slaves that we will soon be using.

The Internet of things is paving the way for the oncoming robotic captivity. We haven’t yet reached critical mass in recognising all the spectacular technologies that are gradually gaining control over our world, robots will soon be monitoring and permeating every aspect of our diurnal realities. Continue reading

Will Vine become THE social network of 2014?

* This is a guest blog from Oliver West, Digital Director of design agency Arkitex

vineIf we compiled a list of all the available social networks it would stretch from our desk to the moon, OK, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but there are lots of them on the web, 99% of which you will never have heard of before.

There are obviously a collection of the more popular ones that you will be familiar with, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram. New networks are popping up all the time trying to compete with the big players and ultimately most of them fail to gain the necessary traction to enter the game for one reason or another. Continue reading

How to do business more consciously… and better

* This is a guest post by Pete Burden, Founding Partner for Conscious Business People who also tweets here

If you’re prepared to admit it, life as an entrepreneur or manager in the digital and creative industries in 2013 can be baffling and overwhelming. The rate of change is extraordinary. Businesses start up and disappear. A new trend – social or technological – might seem to be the biggest thing since Facebook. Then another new wave appears that sweeps that right away. Continue reading

How to create a successful B2B software company… without funding

* This is a guest post by Trackpal CEO Scott Lawson who tweets here

In today’s tech business culture there is a preconception that you need to get the backing of angel investors or VCs in order to create a successful start-up. Doing so might give you immediate money in the bank, but you could end up relinquishing a larger share of your business than you’d ideally like to.

But you can start a successful business without funding. I’m the founder of Trackpal, a B2B software start-up. I launched Trackpal from scratch four years ago and now have paying clients across the globe. Based on my experience, here are six key factors in starting a successful B2B software business without needing funding. Continue reading