How to create a successful B2B software company… without funding

* This is a guest post by Trackpal CEO Scott Lawson who tweets here

In today’s tech business culture there is a preconception that you need to get the backing of angel investors or VCs in order to create a successful start-up. Doing so might give you immediate money in the bank, but you could end up relinquishing a larger share of your business than you’d ideally like to.

But you can start a successful business without funding. I’m the founder of Trackpal, a B2B software start-up. I launched Trackpal from scratch four years ago and now have paying clients across the globe. Based on my experience, here are six key factors in starting a successful B2B software business without needing funding. Continue reading

If you have a strong social voice then your invoices will always be paid on time

For those of you who are salaried and have worked for somebody else for most of your life then the content of this missive will probably be of little interest, but for the others, please read on.

Working for yourself is dangerous and a roller-coaster of success, fail, fail, fail, fail, success, fail, fail, fail, fail, success. It is an utter head-breaker, but it is worth it for the autonomy and the freedom and the spontaneous time you can spend with your family. Once you start it, you never go back… unless Bob Dylan calls offering you a job. Continue reading