£175K on offer to start-ups and brands at Digital Innovation Showcase

Matt Sansam is digital industries consultant and programme manager for the Technology Strategy Board

He tweets here and the IC tomorrow website is here


It is no longer a question of tech vs. creativity, rather how digital provides a platform for the two to fuse.

From a business perspective, Europe is currently undergoing a very interesting shift. With confidence in traditional markets and career options at an all-time low after a global recession followed closely by the current uncertainty around the Eurozone, more and more young people are turning to starting their own businesses. Continue reading

Little Grey Cells #9… Google’s Chrome Web Lab experiments and dazzles

Steve Vranakis is Creative Director at Google Creative Lab for EMEA

What is the Chrome Web Lab?

Web Lab is a series of real world Chrome experiments that bring the workings of the Internet to life, with the goal of inspiring people on the possibilities of the Web. Everything on offer in the Science Museum in London can be accessed online from anywhere in the world here

How long has the Chrome Web Lab been in development?

Web Lab has been in development for more than a year. The first phase involved a huge amount of research and development, scoping and iterating as many of the experiments on show have never been attempted before. Continue reading

Digital agency discovers unicorn on Brick Lane

I’m not sure of this, whether it’s PR genius or sooo Shoreditch that it’s ridiculous after a unicorn* was spotted walking down Brick Lane this week.

LBi, the world’s biggest digital marketing agency, which has Coca-Cola, Sony Ericsson and Virgin Atlantic as some of its many clients also features the beast in its latest showreel to ‘symbolise the company’s ability to transform businesses so they’re equipped for the digital age’.

Now, creative people (of which I also profess to be) may get this ironic take on publicity, but a certain type of person outside the People’s Republic of E1 may have a different opinion. Either way, it got my attention, so that’s got to be right… right?

* A horse with a horn glued to its forehead