Walk a mile in my shoes… how empathy and marketing step out together

* New contributor Tim Banks is the co-founder of media and mobile agency Infomob. He tweets here

I recently attended an LBi ‘What’s Next In’ seminar that was billed as a discussion of storytelling, empathy and branded content.

To give this some context, LBi has recently delivered impressive branded content campaigns, for Sony’s Xperia range of smartphones and more recently Microsoft’s launch of its new browser, IE9, with a campaign called Brandon Generator Continue reading

Mayhem, merging, mutating and maturing at the ME Awards

There were three big events in London this week, Tony Pearce and Graeme Ferguson’s Centurions networking event on Tuesday, the annual ME Awards on Wednesday and the MASSIVE LBi rave in Brick Lane the following evening.

In days gone by I would have got the train to London on Tuesday with a change of clothing in a plastic bag knowing that I would be at all three events, crashing with mates or on the floor of somebody’s hotel room… oh, and doing some work. Continue reading

What happens in a Swedish digital prison, stays in a Swedish prison

I think I’m going to explode. To paraphrase Bob Dylan, I can’t see, I can’t hear, my head is busted, stomach cracked, feet splintered, I am bald, naked… lucky to be alive though.

That’s where so-called modern travelling gets you. Two weeks ago it was Ghana for a long weekend, then up at 5am to go to the Midlands, then on Thursday a flight to Copenhagen and a long train journey to Karslkrona, a prison in Sweden. Continue reading

Digital agency discovers unicorn on Brick Lane

I’m not sure of this, whether it’s PR genius or sooo Shoreditch that it’s ridiculous after a unicorn* was spotted walking down Brick Lane this week.

LBi, the world’s biggest digital marketing agency, which has Coca-Cola, Sony Ericsson and Virgin Atlantic as some of its many clients also features the beast in its latest showreel to ‘symbolise the company’s ability to transform businesses so they’re equipped for the digital age’.

Now, creative people (of which I also profess to be) may get this ironic take on publicity, but a certain type of person outside the People’s Republic of E1 may have a different opinion. Either way, it got my attention, so that’s got to be right… right?

* A horse with a horn glued to its forehead