Through Hired tech talent can ‘auction’ themselves for jobs

hired.comUS startup Hired launches its service in New York tomorrow where tech talent such as developers, engineers and data scientists can find jobs at tech companies by ‘auctioning’ themselves.

Tech companies bid on these people and have to be upfront about salary, equity options and signing bonus. Hired comes to NYC after launching in Silicon Valley; according to the company, there are more than 5,000 unfulfilled tech jobs in NYC. Continue reading

The Farcebook IPO was a bad dream, but is it really a nightmare for Twitter?

Well, well, well, what an utter f*ck-up that was. The big, bad Facebook bubble burst in investors’ faces and now newlywed Mark Zuckerberg is being sued as well as the NASDAQ exchange.

At least that’s the widely held view. But it should be remembered that the point of an IPO is to raise money. Facebook did that, it raised $16 billion whatever the current market cap of the company. Continue reading