Jellybook goes belly up and the social media dream unravels

jellybookBubble, bubble, toil and trouble, boom goes bust and turns to rubble… and the great Jellybook idea dies on its arse.

For those unfamiliar with Jellybook, the company was set up in 2011 as the first of many Facebook emulators and the ongoing of the great social media Gold Rush. Continue reading

The Farcebook IPO was a bad dream, but is it really a nightmare for Twitter?

Well, well, well, what an utter f*ck-up that was. The big, bad Facebook bubble burst in investors’ faces and now newlywed Mark Zuckerberg is being sued as well as the NASDAQ exchange.

At least that’s the widely held view. But it should be remembered that the point of an IPO is to raise money. Facebook did that, it raised $16 billion whatever the current market cap of the company. Continue reading

Secret ambitions, early exits and bootstrapped lessons

* This is the first post by James Devonport Wood, MD of accredited Facebook developer PageHub

There is a significant gap in Europe for early stage funding for startups seeking less than £500,000. While new funds and incubators are starting to emerge, the lack of finance available is leaving European tech businesses at a disadvantage to their North American counterparts.

For many startups, bootstrapping a business is the only method of starting a company although this does have its advantages. Bootstrapped startups are more likely to have a more realistic business model and to be profitable early on. Continue reading