Why Klout is a flawed model

Klout inaccuracyIn the 80s and early 90s, journalists on pop magazines (myself included) were driven by who was going to be attaining what position on next week’s charts.

We would have an idea as the midweek positions came in. The current positions and the future positions helped us think about which pop stars to put on a poster, on the cover or to chase for an interview. Continue reading

2011 – the year that social networks changed my life… again

Two more hours to go and then the screens in my life will flicker and I will pull the plug on them. No more laptops in bed, no more smartphone tomfoolery and hopefully not even Absolutely Fabulous on the telly.

Furthermore no logging on to Twitter, Google +, Linkedin, Facebook and all those pesky networks such as email lists and newsletter creation. Well, that’s easy to say now as a digital year draws to a close and family beckons. Continue reading

Man Utd challenges Facebook with new social media network

Manchester’s Number Two football club, Manchester United has announced it plans to launch a global social media network.

In partnership with digital agency SapientNitro, the club will roll out the network over the next two years to Man Utd’s alleged 660 million fans. The network plans to ‘tap into the Asian market’, where TV coverage is omnipresent and smartphone use is ‘exploding’.

The network will offer fans exclusive content such as video and also provide sponsorship and advertising opportunities for brands. The club hopes the new network will be a more engaging alternative than the club’s Facebook page that has more than 20 million members.

Manchester City has no plans for such a network, apparently they plan on winning trophies and buying the world’s best players.

Facebook foreplay leads not to satisfactory climax

Facebook could be confused with the manual that comes with a new mobile/car/robot. There’s so much it can do but most people are so happy that the bloody thing works they never look under the SIM/bonnet/metal testicles.

Believe me, it’s better that way. Over the past 12 months I’ve spent more time with Facebook than is healthy. Moreover, no matter which buttons I press or how much time I spend down there, neither of us quite get off. Continue reading

Angry Birds, 193,750 views and £39.12 in ad revenue

Apparently our smartphones now have more computing power than NASA had when it sent a man to the moon in 1969. Or as one wag commented recently on Twitter… they launched a man to the moon, we launch birds into pigs. Continue reading